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What is Crossfit?

What Is CrossFit


CrossFit is specifically defined as constantly varied, functional movements which are executed at a high intensity.


  • Be prepared for the unexpected.
  • Become better at life, everywhere, at anytime for any duration in any environment.
  • Specialize in not specializing.
  • Strengthen your weaknesses.


  • Natural evolutionary movements, essential to independent living.
  • Safe and compound (uses more than one muscle group).
  • Encompass core to extremity extension.
  • Have the ability to move large loads, long distances quickly and have the ability to produce power.


  • Intensity that can be measured.
  • Intensity is relative to the individual.
  • Everything is scalable.


  • By scaling load and intensity, CrossFit allows athletes of varying skill and strength to complete the same program.
  • You will not lift weights beyond your level.
  • You will not perform movements beyond your skill set.

In CrossFit, you are considered an athlete training not only for a better body but also for a better life.


Do You Have To Be Fit To Do CrossFit?

This is by far the biggest myth surrounding CrossFit. The sport has been designed to be suitable for people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and abilities. We pride ourselves on offering infinite scalability to all our classes and workouts. We will ensure that whoever you are, your training will be tailored to ensure you reap the maximum rewards.

What Happens in a Crossfit Class

We run, jump, pull, push, climb, squat, lift, press, carry, throw and catch. We believe in utilizing our entire body. We have also been known to have a little fun… we live by the motto work hard, play hard! A typical CrossFit class starts with a warm-up, followed by skill and or strength work, then a WOD (workout of the day) which is led by a certified CrossFit coach, and a cooling down period. Classes last for one hour.

I'm a girl, will CrossFit make me bulky?

Strength training is a major part of CrossFit and you will get stronger which will mean you will gain muscle. But girls don’t be put off. You wont end up “bulky” or looking “manly”. We don’t employ any ‘bodybuilding’ training techniques, so this will never happen to you! Crossfit will lead to the much sought after ‘toned’ look, as a result of increasing muscle mass and decreasing body fat.

How do I start?

Take a look at our timetable here to find out when the gym is open. Give us a call on 01422 835716 and we will let you know when is a good time to either observe a class in action, or have a walk through the gym with a coach.

Once you decide to try it out, and we promise you will, take a look at our membership options, including the opportunity to register for individual classes.

Why does Crossfit cost more than my normal gym?

CrossFit methods differ from your typical gym in many ways. Here at Boudicca you are not paying just to use our facility and equipment as you would in a conventional gym. Rather, you are paying for result-driven training programmed by a highly qualified specialist coach . Our classes are small in size in order to enable more one-on-one attention from our coaches.  Our focus is on quality, not quantity!

What Is Crossfit